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Human Capital

Winning Sports Teams & Winning Companies – Getting Talent “Right”

Talent is one of the biggest problems and the most important resource for future success.  Getting talent “right” to win the challenges facing growing companies is a complex process with critical impact.  Leading practice shows that if human capital/talent management is strategically built and maintained, like building winning sports teams, then success is high.  Building the right Board and Advisory Board(s) can also add powerfully to success.

Our highly experienced human talent experts can help your team build, execute & accelerate your “winning team”.  Our partners have proven success in talent acquisition, talent development, and retention strategies.


Areas of expertise are:

• Compensation, Incentives & Retention
• Talent Attraction, Retention & Development
• Fit for the Future Talent Planning
• Skills Needed or Missing Analysis & Tools
• ESOPs & Exit Planning
• CEO & Leadership Development & Succession
• Performance Measurement & Tracking Tools

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