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“No Money. No Mission.”   A Simple Truth – Filled With Complexities & Challenges

Companies with growth opportunities typically need more resources to go faster.  Identifying growth opportunities, accelerating revenues, and developing lasting competitive advantages takes capital.  The “best source” of growth capital is REVENUE – rapid, explosive internal growth from old & new customers, bigger sales, lower costs, and extraordinarily higher profitability.

Using only existing internal capital resources may not be enough and may take too long to generate from existing or inside resources.

Unless orchestrated and executed precisely against clear goals & parameters, an infusion of outside growth capital can be highly risky, complex, and could result in serious, unwanted outcomes.  Highly skilled experts are usually needed to attract and secure “the right” outside growth capital.

Financial Expertise our team can bring to your team include:

• Financial Forecasting & Risk Assessments
• Business & Financial Valuations
• Debt Financing & Convertible Lending
• Fund-Raising & Equity Financing
• Strategic Partnership Investments
• M&A Transactions & Post-Merger Integration
• Due Diligence & Transaction Risk Assessments
• Private, PE, Strategic Partners, Publicly Traded

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