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How Do We Create Value For YOU?

What Markets & Industries Does Bottomline Partners Serve?

Bottomline Partners focuses on smaller and medium-sized companies across most industries & market segments. Our world-class team members’ expertise is deep, wide, with highly experienced track-records of success in complex, fast-growth companies & ownerships/investors situations.

By early “rapid diagnostics” collaboration with key management & leadership, we will know together what we know & don’t know, and clarify the outcomes the combined team is striving for.  Clear results objectivity is a great asset.

How Does Bottomline Work With Clients to Deliver Results?

Bottomline will use our best talent, team & actively collaborate & work with defined client team members, scoping & sizing the strategic initiatives, building detailed success roadmaps, and forecasting outcomes expected (generally with 3-level ranges of the probability of success) for topline and bottomline results.

Strategic initiatives – using our 80/20 rapid diagnostics process – we together define priorities, outcomes, and time & efforts required. Client teams actively work together with Bottomline to deliver results. In client assignments, we try to deliver on fixed-fee arrangements with a concluding contract for results – if practical.

How Do Scoping Projects & Roadmaps Happen?

From strategic initiatives comes building success roadmaps – including actions, tasks, deliverables, timing, staffing requirements, data & info needed, measurements and outcomes potentially expected.

3-level probability-based ranges of outcomes are usually possible (not always).  The collaborative joint team will have clearly defined steps, actions, info, team members & leaders, and expected completion timelines.

Execution expected topline & bottomline results are defined as early as practical.  Success is defined – generally in quantitative 3-level ranges.

Scoping & clearly defining what needs to be done, who will do, how long will the timeline be, and other expected tasks & outcomes, Bottomline can usually determine the fixed fee for most client assignments/work efforts.

What Does a Contract for Success Mean?

When success can be defined – in advance – with 3-levels of probability ranges, all parties can assess the economic impact of achieving defined results. Bottomline Partners will work with clients to reduce front-end costs and share in the upside returns of target & above results achieved…. Sharing the risks economically. Thus, a contract for success!!!!

How is Bottomline Partners Different From “X, Y, Z” Firms?

Bottomline Partners clearly is differentiated by our world-class team of experts and our unique use of proprietary methodologies, partnering & senior staffing approach, success roadmaps, and a contract for YOUR success.

A Topline AND Bottomline focus powerfully prioritizes the highest impact strategic initiatives & potential economic opportunities.  Collaborative processes make your team stronger and armed with the abilities to deliver lasting results into the future. No other firm is like Bottomline Partners.