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"As a company with high growth potential, we needed expanded guidance. Bottomline Partners has provided that."
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"The combined capabilities of the Bottomline team is incredible. CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CFOs, Strategic Branding, Top Marketing & Sales, coupled with affiliated service providers with high-powered delivery capabilities. It’s the real-deal for identifying and delivering lasting results."

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Bottomline Partners was created to make good companies great and great companies outstanding. If growing your company is a top priority, here are some of the ways you can achieve your goals by using Bottomline Partners.

Revenue Acceleration: Companies with growth potential typically need more resources to go faster. Our team helps you identify growth opportunities, accelerate the capture of revenues and deliver greater bottomline profits. This includes both internal/organic growth, strategic m&a opportunities, and new channel partners.

Rapid Diagnostics--"20/80" Approach: A rapid, targeted assessment of potential new growth opportunities, or existing value leakage spots, or new partners, or distribution channels can be done at low cost with high return to you.

Power to Biz Plans: Business plans oftentimes need more "power" to attract investors, clarify actionable goals (including accountabilities and execution responsibilities), and financial forecasting showing ranges of possibilities (depending on how well the biz plans are executed). We help you add "power" to your biz plans so they are more easily executable by your team.

Performance Tracking Tools: Interactive, 24x7 reporting, executive dashboard for high level tracking coupled with every needed detail, are part of the performance tracking/improvement services offered. Easy and powerful.

Built-to-Last Solutions: You should think about Bottomline Partners' role and delivery services as "from thought to finish"— identifying growth opportunities and delivering them. If you want to grow and want lasting solutions, you have a partner.

Talent: “Big 4 and Fortune 1000 Chief Executives”: Bottomline has a world-class team. Each person has 20+ years experience in varying industries and executive roles. Impeccable integrity, proven leadership, strong track-records in executing business growth, innovation and delivering bottomline results are the core characteristics of our solutions teams.

Capital Infusion to Grow: Should infusion of additional capital be required, Bottomline has ample resources to connect the dots between capital investors looking for good deals and your exceptional growth opportunity.

Boards / Boards of Advisors: Creating powerhouse Boards or Boards of Advisors can yield big results to your bottom line. Building the key ingredients into your Board processes to deliver expected performance is a specialty of ours.

Performance Mission Outcomes (PMO): Bottomline and your team partner to set up a PMO to focus and manage to success. We call this the “performance mission outcomes” center. Expect when working with Bottomline Partners to have a complete "best and brightest" team dedicated to identifying revenue growth opportunities and delivering the bottomline results.

Executive Rewards / Retention Programs: Highly motivating your team to achieve clear goals is usually easier said than done. We are excellent at integrating your business growth and performance improvement plans into effective rewards and retention programs. Keeping good performers is key.

Integrity, Objectivity, and Straight-Forwardness: You can expect impeccable integrity, honesty, objectivity, and professional straight-forwardness in working with Bottomline Partners. Our values are core to both your and our success.

About Our Scope of Services: We are experts in growing companies. We provide full-service strategic growth planning, implementation partnering, internal growth and strategic m&a transactions, and staying the course with our partnered team to deliver increased shareholder value. That is what Bottomline Partners can deliver for you.