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"When you work with the Bottomline team, you’re working with seasoned professionals who have been there."
technology services company.
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"When you work with the Bottomline team, you’re working with seasoned professionals who have been there.

Their "hands-on" knowledge and people-oriented approach makes working with them a rewarding and pleasant experience."

CEO, technology services company.

Scope of Services

Bottomline Partners offers full-service growth and performance improvement services. Lasting results and integrated solutions are our trademark. Collaborative processes and delivering bottomline profitability results is your expectation. Specific functional areas of expertise include the following:

  • Accelerating Profitability—Top line growth opportunities, profit improvement plans and Bottomline delivery.
  • Identifying/Delivering Opportunities—Internal/organic growth, strategic m&a transactions and new channel partners.
  • Performance Tracking—Designing and implementing interactive performance tracking dashboarding solutions.
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation—Full-service, from “thought to finish”, growth planning and execution.
  • M&A—Merger & acquisition targeting, qualifying, deal structuring and closing.
  • Financing and Capital Acquisition Advisory Services—Connecting money with your opportunities for growth and shareholder value creation.
  • Technology Innovation—Identifying and innovating technology enablement.
  • PMO—Managing the project management office for leading and delivering results.
  • PMI—Post-merger integration ensuring value creation synergies are captured.
  • Ehancing Operational Value—Business processes improvements/efficiencies.
  • Executive Rewards—Linking performance to executive rewards/retention.
  • Governance—Guidelines, compliance, new SOXA rules, oversight integrity.
  • Boards and Advisory Boards—Creation, value creation roles, management.
  • Four Levels of Solutions—From “start to finish” solutions include:
    L1. Fast, Easy Diagnostics for Identifying Growth Opportunities.
    L2. Growth Opportunities Capturing Planning.
    L3. Blueprint and Detailed Steps for Implementation.
    L4. Implementation.

    See our solutions overview PDF.

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