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"The innovative thought-leadership brought to us has opened new growth and profitability vistas never before considered. Very powerful results."
specialty metal coatings company
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"As a company with high growth potential, we needed expanded guidance. Bottomline Partners has provided that.

They are high-powered, well-connected, savvy business executives with exceptional insight, creativity, operating experience and acute focus on action, execution, and bottomline results."

CEO, technology services company.

About Us

Bottomline Partners is committed to planning and delivering bottom line results. Our values are high integrity, objectivity, and commitment to delivering lasting solutions. Our team is world-class. Each Bottomline executive has 20+ years experience and is a proven innovator, skilled at identifying opportunities and is superior at execution and delivery. We “Partner For Results”. We bring powerful performance tracking/dashboarding solutions. The Bottomline business model is designed to provide the highest level of ROI to each customer. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and to delivering clearly defined goals.

As CEO, you have my commitment to these words and to your results.

Jim Handlon


  • To Make Good Companies Great and Great Companies Outstanding.
  • To Provide the Resources Needed To Deliver the Bottomline Results.


  • Bottomline “Partners” With Companies to Drive Results.
  • Identify Growth Opportunities and Implement Goals.
  • Focus on Top Line Acceleration and Bottomline Results.
  • Provide High Horsepower Talent / Executives.
  • Interactive Performance “TRAC” Solutions.
  • Accountable for Delivering Results—Share in Success.


  • Big 4/Top Fortune 1000 Executives—No “green beans”.
  • Experts in Small to Medium Size Companies.
  • Create Strategy AND Lead Implementations.
  • Contract for Success. Accountable for Results/Outcomes.
  • Transfer Knowledge/Know-How to Your Team for Lasting Results.
  • Will Take Equity as Part of Arrangements.
  • Integrated “People+Process+Technology” Solutions.
  • Powerful Interactive Performance Tracking Solutions.


  • Get More Value—Leadership, Superior Talent, Experience and Results.
  • “Implementers” as Well as Top Line + Bottomline Growth Opportunities Experts.
  • Results You Can Count On—Contract for Results.
  • Easy Use Performance Tracking/Dashboarding.
  • Integrated Solutions—People, Process & Technology.
  • Deep Resources. Speed of Delivery.


  • Full Service. High Value Added.
  • Proven Performance Tracking Tools. Integrated Solutions.
  • Bottomline Results You Can Take To The Bank.
  • Specialize in Small to Medium Size Companies.
  • Integrity. Objectivity. Speed.


  • Auditrax—A/P/Freight/Billing Recapture, Telecom Usage, and IT Measurement
  • Thomas E. Shea & Associates—Compensation and Rewards Strategy & Implementation
  • BrandMATTERS—Branding Strategy, Products, Services, Real+Perceived Value
  • The Signature Group—Systems Development, PMO, Applications and Networks
  • Cassidy & Pinkard—Commercial Real Estate and ROI Services
  • Shepard Group—Technology Market Makers/Sales/Alliances
  • First Financial Resources, Inc.—Exec. Benefits, Insurance, Employee Rights Plans
  • Benefits Resources—Employee benefits, value-added services, benefits effectiveness
  • CRD—Sales Force Planning, Market Differentiators, Delivery
  • ESOP Advisors Group—Full Service ESOP Assessment/Design/Implementation
  • LeverPoint—Off-Shore Custom Systems Development and Hosting
  • e-know—Interactive Communications, Customer Connect, B2B-B2C Solutions
  • New Target—Web Design and Web Site Hosting
  • Austin-McGregor—Venture Funding, Talent ID, m&a, Products/services Connect
  • The Personnel Office, Inc.—Outsourced HR, Supplemental Staffing
  • SciTerra—Technology Solutions Innovators, Funding, Growth, Implementation
  • American Opportunity Portal—International Start-ups/Build-outs
  • Integral Financial Group—Due Diligence, Special Projects Acct′g, P&L Controls


  • Bill Howe —Consumer products, strategic growth roadmaps, team planning
  • Tom Shea—Compensation and Rewards Strategy & Implementation
  • Dick Webb—Manufacturing and industrial processes/acquisitions + profitability
  • Joe Gamble—Advisory board practices and health care industry performance
  • Ernie Smith—Retail operations, finance, strategy, m/a, logistics, international
  • Al Adams—Growth plng./execution, leadership, m&a, hi-tech, telecom, software
  • Doug Dick—CFO, operations, financial controls, P&L improvement strategies
  • Tom Sharon—Technology innovation, m&a, strategic growth, funding, partnering
  • Howard Arnold—Growth strategy/leadership/execution, funding, innovation
  • Rick Rumbarger—Technology innovation, m&a, strategic growth integration
  • Jim Schleckser—Operations, perf. improvement, delivery, CEO leadership
  • Karen McSteen—Branding, products/services innovation, brand loyalty
  • Jack Moore—Corporate governance/SOXA, board policies/practices/committees
  • Bill Washecka—Emerging businesses/growth, audit, tax, accounting, funding
  • Jim Garner —Acct′ng, auditing, due diligence, forensic acct'ng, P&L analysis
  • Sandy Reback—Legal corporate/contracts/agreements/m&a, legal strategy
  • Jim Handlon—Business growth/profitability strategies, PMO/services delivery
  • Bob Morgan—Strategic marketing, growth strategies, governance
  • Paul Nemirosky—Technology & Operations, IT, CTO, networks, systems, Int′l